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Beat those January blues with a destination wish!

Thu, 14 January 2016

Beat those January blues with a destination wish!

We are halfway through January, and to beat those January blues we are making plans to where we would like to visit this year. Here are a few destination wishes from the team... 


"I'd love to visit Iceland as it's somewhere that is completely different to anywhere I've been before as I want a big culture shock!" 

- Samantha Potts, Tour Planner
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"I’m hoping to visit Bay of Naples this year. A nice bit of sunshine, good food and activities such as visiting Pompeii, Vesuvius and Capri would tick all the boxes!" 

- Rachelle Butler, Tour Consultant

Travel to the past and immerse yourself in Ancient Roman history, click here to organise your trip to the Bay of Naples.



"This year I would like to visit Edinburgh. It is always those cities closest to us that we postpone visiting so I am going to make it my aim for 2016 to visit Scotland for the first time!"

 - Harriet Bone, Tour Planner
Plan a trip closer to home, click here to start planning your trip to Edinburgh 




"I would like to visit Berlin to improve my History knowledge! There is so much to learn and see, like the iconic Brandenburg Gate and various museums to visit." 

- Amanda Robertson, Tour Consultant

Brush up on your History knowledge, click here to plan a trip to Berlin




 "Bora Bora... I think the picture says it all! Failing that, Amsterdam, just because I've never been!" 

- Lisa Knudsen, Product and Marketing Manager




I think we'd all like to go to Bora Bora too! But if all else fails, there's plenty to see and do in Amsterdam! Take it from Fiona! She is going again this year. Lucky! Click here to explore your options. 

"I went to Amsterdam last year and loved it! We hired a tandem and cycled in town, and attended a food and arts festival which was amazing. I am due to go again for a weekend in April and since working for European Study Tours, I have found some new places to add to the itinerary! Some places on the list is the Sea Place, a floating restaurant, FOAM, a museum photography exhibition and an alternative art walking tour. Oh and not forgetting the party boat along the canal!"

- Fiona Fenn, Tour Support Executive 


"I’m loving me a bit of Europe this year. I'm heading to Amsterdam for my best friend’s 30th, Naples with my wife, but I am most looking forward to Budapest. I've never been but I'd love to learn more about its fascinating and complicated history. And I love a good goulash!" 

- Kevin Jackson, Product and Marketing Executive

It seems like Amsterdam is very popular amongst the team this year! But you cannot beat the vibrancy and the cultural melting pot Budapest has to offer, click here to find out more!


"Venice is at the top of my list for this summer.  Mostly because it’s just a unique destination and you can't truly understand it unless you have been. It’s a nostalgic visit for me as I was given a Venice Carnival mask as a child and I have wanted to go ever since. I also fancy visiting the Glass Museum on the island of Murano as I have been to one before and I think Venice is great for different forms of Art. I hope to stay at one of our properties 'The Generator' as well, as it is a cool and modern property just off the main island." 

- Laura Whatley, Tour Planner 

Soak up some culture in Venice, click here to plan your trip to Venice


"I have a lot of places I would love to travel to! New York for shopping, Los Angeles for Disneyland, and Hong Kong for its wide variety of cafes, restaurants and street food! If I win the lottery I'd go to them all and more!" 

- Debbie Doyle, Marketing Intern

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