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Amsterdam's Insiders Report

Mon, 5 September 2016

Amsterdam's Insiders Report

When you first arrive

After a very short 45 minute flight we arrived at one of the world’s busiest airports- Schipol. There is a train station at the airport allowing our groups to travel directly to the Meininger hotel in around 24 minutes. Amsterdam is a vibrant city, which attracts many visitors from all over the world, making it an ‘eye-opening’ destination. Amsterdam feels like a large town, with 2 main ‘centres’; Vondelpark and Centraal. Art groups can see great works by Van Gogh at the Van Gogh Museum and visit more modern exhibitions such as Banksy and Andy Warhol at the Moco Museum.

Inspiration for Art Students 

I found the Banksy & Warhol exhibition thoroughly engaging. The Moco Museum where the exhibition is held is very small and intimate and I found myself fully engrossed within all the wonderful art pieces around me. Entry for students was only 10 euro which isn’t very expensive at all and as the museum isn’t the biggest a lot of time wasn’t wasted on trekking around from floor to floor unlike other art museums. Some of Banksy’s most well-known pieces were on display, the Girl With a Balloon and Laugh Now which should stimulate the mind of every art student that visits the exhibition. 


Meininger is a great hostel, very modern and a perfect hostel for school and college groups and is only a short walk to Slotterdijk station so it was easily accessible from the airport. The Meininger also had a games room which children would love and every room had free wifi which was also an added plus.

Getting around 

Public transport was fairly straightforward once you got the hang of it, I would allow plenty of time for getting around as trams can run fairly slow, especially from Meininger, I would recommend getting the fast train to central station and walk from there, and remember, there are more bikes than resident so when crossing the road look left look right then left again!

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