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Alan Johnson On The Next Labour Leader

Wed, 15 July 2015

Alan Johnson On The Next Labour Leader

Highly respected Labour MP Alan Johnson is just one of the amazing speakers lined-up to appear at Your Future In Europe, our prestigious government and politics student event held in the heart of Paris. 

He recently revealed to the Telegraph which Labour leader candidates he's likely to vote for - and it will be to avoid the scenario of having men in both of the party's senior roles. 

"It would be perverse if we don't have a gender balance" says Johnson, “[The] Labour Party was the first party ever to campaign for votes for women, pushed all-women shortlists to try and change the balance of Parliament. There were 25 women out of 650 before 1997, it was extraordinary. For the party that’s done all that to have two men in the leadership… it would be very symbolic in the wrong kind of way. I will make my vote when I cast it a gender balance vote.” 

Alan will return to at Your Future in Europe on Saturday 6th February 2016 along with Dominic Grieve from the Conservative Party, Shami Chakrabarti, director of the National Council of Civil Liberties and Evan Davis, BBC presenter and economics expert. 

Find out more about Your Future In Europe here!

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