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A trip to Krakow can benefit Teachers as well as Students!

Thu, 4 February 2016

A trip to Krakow can benefit Teachers as well as Students!

 Report calls on government to improve teacher training for Holocaust Lessons

Teachers can benefit from taking their students on a tour to a Holocaust memorial site as they also can develop professionally from the visit. Teachers can learn more about the way their students learn outside of a traditional classroom setting, this can inspire teachers to develop and bring back ideas from the trip to take back into the classroom, even learning new information they may not have read from textbooks. Visiting a place can evoke a sense of place and students and teachers can feel the atmosphere, something you simply cannot recreate in a classroom. 

The Education Select Committee Chairman, Neil Carmichael said “Teaching young people about the Holocaust and its legacy continues to be a vital part of their education…However, too few teachers, particularly History teachers are being trained to teach the Holocaust and our report calls on the government to act”.

The DfE said it has provided over £1.5m each year to the Holocaust Education trust to fund its ‘Lessons from Auschwitz’ since 2006, along with £500,000 to the Centre for Holocaust Education to improve teacher knowledge and training. 

Click here for the full report and article

Rob Young NUS LGBT+ (Open Place) Officer reflects on his visit to Auschwitz,

"I believe many more people need to be exposed to the harsh realities and lessons of history that come with visiting Auschwitz. People need to understand more about the consequences when discrimination goes unchallenged and is made socially acceptable...Being confronted with this history face-to-face was a harrowing experience I will never forget."

Read the full article here

The most infamous concentration camp is Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. Poland also offers other sites of interest such as Plaszow Concentration Camp, various museums and visits to Old Jewish Quarters in the country.

"The tour around Auschwitz was amazing! Our guide was excellent, she knew so much and made the tour interesting and engaging."

-Royal Holloway, University of London

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You may also be interested in a tour to Berlin, Germany as it too hosts many historically significant sites such as Sachasenhausen, Dachu and Wannsee House.


"This was my fourth visit to Sachsenhausen and it was definitely the most memorable due to our guide's passion and information."

- Maricourt Catholic High School

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