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5 History Tours That'll Link Directly To The New Curriculum

Tue, 7 June 2016

5 History Tours That'll Link Directly To The New Curriculum

With the changes to History GCSE hitting next year, we've thought about all the places we've been that could directly link to the curriculum and enhance learning outside the classroom.

New York

Head over to the 369th Regiment Armory to discover the heroic story of the group commonly known as the "Harlem Hellfighters", a unit consisting of African-American and Hispanic solders who won respect of the US National Guard and the citizens of the United States for their involvement during World War I that helped pave the way for equal rights for future African-American soldiers. Take the Civil Rights Tour of Harlem too, to discover more about social movements of African-Americans in New York City including the abolitionist movement against slavery, the civil rights movement and today’s struggles for fair housing and equal justice. See the site of the 1964 Harlem uprising, The Bloomfield Department store visited by Martin Luther King Jr. and much more.

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Most of the major cities of pre-war Poland were devastated during World War II, yet Kraków, the biggest and most crucial city of southern Poland, remained almost untouched. While the city itself survived relatively unscathed, its inhabitants were not so fortunate. Auschwitz-Birkenau is perhaps the best known and best preserved concentration camp, where you and your students can follow the Jewish story of the Holocaust. Visits to the Oskar Schindler Museum and an amazing talk with a Holocaust survivor add depth to your students' understanding of Nazi occupation.

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The Great War, as it was known, was partially responsible for the massive political changes that have stood strong to this day. It also stands as one of the deadliest conflicts in modern human history with over 16 million victims losing their lives across the four years. We'd recommend visiting Sanctuary Wood, a small museum that contains an excellently preserved example of trench warfare, complete with dugouts and communication trenches; and Tyne Cot Cemetery, the largest British burial ground to bring home the tremendous loss of life for your learners.

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The Berlin Wall, a political symbol of the Iron Curtain during the Cold War, literally divided families and neighbourhoods for 28 years until it's fall in 1989. The Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre contains the last piece of the Berlin Wall preserved within its original grounds at Bernauer Strasse, an area situated at the border between East and West and hence a focal point of German post-war history. The viewable exhibit in the Documentation Centre shows the 1961 history of the Wall’s construction and the Circumstances of the divided city.

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Washington D.C.

The three pillars of the U.S. Government; the seat of the President, Congress and Supreme Court are all in Washington D.C. It is also a city of remembrance; scattered across the capital are monuments and memorials honouring the great men and women who helped shape the United States of America. Among the highlights are memorials to Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt, civil rights activist Martin Luther King and veterans of the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

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