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Tailor-made School Trips to Krakow

Reasons to Visit
Places to Stay
  • Overview

    World War destruction and years of communist rule have done much to damage Poland’s heritage. Yet amazingly the ancient royal city of Krakow survives and with its medieval market square and Grand Cloth Hall, the city rivals the beauty of Prague and Vienna.

    School trips to Krakow are ideal for history students. This city is home to the Jewish quarter where Schindler’s List was filmed and perhaps more importantly, Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps. History students will be able to really savour the harsh realities of Nazi occupation, by learning of the horrors of WWII.

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  • Reasons to Visit
    1. Day trip to Zakopane (Krakow)

      Zakopane, the winter capital of Poland is located about 100km south of Krakow, close to the Slovak border and on the edge of the Tatra Mountains National Park. It has gradually evolved from a little village, to the region's primary health-resort and the undisputed winter capital of Poland. It is popular for activities such as skiing, mountaineering and tourism.

    2. Ojcow National Park (Krakow)

      The Ojcow National Park is one of the country’s smallest and most memorable protected regions. With an attractive and varied landscape of scenic river valley, twisted rock formations, and peaceful forests it is an ideal place for a day trip from Krakow.

    3. Krakow School Visit

      A school visit will give students a chance to meet their Polish counterparts, who are usually delighted to have a chance to practice their English. Usually the visit includes particiaption in a lesson of English followed by talks with local students.

    4. Folklore Evening (Krakow)

      A folklore performance in Krakow with singing, dancing and folk music can be organised for the group in a restaurant in the Old Town.

    5. Water Parks and IMAX Theatre (Krakow)

      There is a water park and IMAX theatre in Krakow that can be booked for your group.

    6. Viewing Terrace of Palace of Culture & Science

      Dominating the city skyline, the fearsome Palace of Culture is the defining icon of the city. The building towers at just over 231 metres in height - making it the tallest and largest structure in Poland.

    7. Chopin Museum (Warsaw)

      Over four thousand Chopin artefacts including piles of letters, exercise books, his gold watch and the last piano he ever played. Opened in 1953, the museum is also home to an award that a 14 year old Chopin received for good behaviour at school.

    8. Kampinos National Park (Warsaw)

      On the edge of Warsaw’s suburbs is the Kampinos National Park a large woodland area that co-exists with its urban neighbour. As a protected park the area is rich in wildlife and is carefully controlled to preserve its beauty. There are walks and trails throughout the park. In 1939 it became the Nazi's first execution site.

    9. Krakow Ghost Tour

      Krakow is a city which has witnessed centuries of very scary, bloody and brutal history. Uncover the story during a shivering evening walk to Krakow's abandoned attractions by taking part in a real ghost tour. You can be the first one to hear forgotten stories of brave freedom fighters who paid the highest price to abolish communism, mysterious tales of medieval customs which were supposed to open the gates of heaven and as well as pagan myths and beliefs. English tour: every day, on request at 7:15 p.m.

    10. Auschwitz-Birkenau

      Auschwitz-Birkenau is of course the largest of the Nazi's concentration camps, therefore an essential stop for School trips to Krakow. It is well documented that there was mass killing of more than one million people at this concentration camp during World War II. The exhibition details the brick blocks where prisoners were kept, the infamous gas chambers and the crematorium. There is also an opportunity to see Birkenau (Auschwitz II), the Gate of Death, the wooden barracks and the Victims' Memorial. Although harrowing, this exhibition is thought provoking and will leave history students with a clear and poignant education of the Nazi regime

    11. Kazimierz

      Kazimierz is Krakow's former Jewish quarter which was made world famous thanks to Steven Spielberg's famous film, Schindler's List. Pre World War II, Poland housed the largest Jewish community in Europe and Kazimierz is representative of this. This day trip will enable students to retrace the history of Krakow's Jews, and even see the remains of their culture here.

  • Places to stay
    • Hotel Alexander

      The hotel is centrally located, within walking distance of all the city's majorsights.- 2-3 bedded rooms all with private facilities - air-conditioning - TV - telephone- restaurant - bar - sauna - fitness room

    • Hotel David

      Situated in the charming area of Kazimierz, the oldest district in the city,surrounded by Jewish cultural heritage.- 2-3 bedded rooms all with private facilities - TV - telephone - internet accessbreakfast room - air-conditioning

    • Premiere Classe

      Newly opened hotel located right in the centre of Warsaw - 2 & 3 bedded rooms - All rooms have private facilities & TV - Restaurant, conference room & bar

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